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Root canal questions (FAQs) for Hampstead, North London

Root canal frequently asked questions

If you think you may need root canal treatment or your dentist has already recommended it, it’s understandable that you might be feeling nervous about the procedure. But you don’t need to be.

When you come in for your consultation at our North London practice in Hampstead, your endodontist will answer any root canal questions you may have to help you feel at ease.

In our many years’ experience, we’ve found that the more our patients understand their treatment, the less they worry and the better they feel about having it. Root canal treatments are very common and our team are highly skilled in the procedure.

Of course, at your consultation, you will be given the chance to ask any root canal questions you want. But until then, here are some of our patients’ most frequently asked root canal questions to ease your mind before you come into the surgery.

Root canal FAQ – Why does my tooth need to undergo root canal treatment?

Deep inside each of your teeth is a chamber and root canal. This is open space which contains living tissue called the pulp. You may have heard this referred to as the ‘nerve’, but actually it is more like an intricate web of fine tissue fibres, nerves and blood vessels. These are all encased and protected by your tooth enamel.

But, if a cavity was to grow large enough to reach the pulp, or if your tooth is somehow cracked, bacteria can make its way in. This can lead to infections which cannot be treated with antibiotics. Root canal treatment is the only way to effectively clear your tooth canal of any bacteria.

Root canal FAQ – How is a root canal treatment done?

The purpose of the root canal treatment is to remove the bacteria from inside the tooth and to disinfect the root canals. This is achieved by making a small hole through the tooth into the pulp chamber, locating and measuring the root canals, then cleaning and widening them using fine instruments called files.

Once clean, the canals are filled to seal them from re-infection. In most cases an abscess will start to heal at this point.

Root canal FAQ – Will it hurt?

This is always the top concern for patients undergoing all kinds of dental treatment and the most commonly asked root canal question we hear. Luckily, root canal treatment is always performed under local anaesthetic.

If you’re particularly anxious about your root canal treatment, speak to the Dental Perfection’s North London practice team in Hampstead. We may be able to arrange dental sedation for your root canal procedure.

Your comfort and safety are extremely important to us so we will do everything we can to ensure you feel as relaxed as possible throughout your root canal treatment.

Root canal FAQ – Will my teeth hurt after the procedure?

Following the procedure, you may feel some discomfort, but this is usually very minor and does not last very long.

If your teeth were already in pain before your treatment, this will not immediately lift following your root canal procedure.

Pain such as this is usually caused when the ligament surrounding your sick tooth becomes swollen from the bacteria. Whilst your root canal treatment will clean the inside of the tooth, the ligament may still need time for the swelling to reduce and the pain to go away.

You may want to use over the counter pain killers for the first few days following your treatment but, if your discomfort persists, you can get in touch with the Dental Perfection team on 020 7431 2710.

Root canal FAQ – How long does the root canal treatment take?

Root canal treatment time can vary greatly with the complexity of the procedure. This can depend on which type of tooth is being operated on, if the treatment is being redone, or on your own personal circumstances.

You may also need to come in for a follow up appointment too. Your endodontist will tell you if this is necessary at your consultation, or following your root canal treatment at our North London practice in Hampstead.

Root canal FAQ – How successful is root canal treatment?

Whilst no medical procedure can be completely guaranteed to succeed, root canal treatments are extremely common and have a very high success rates when performed by root canal experts.

Just make sure you go to a highly skilled and fully qualified endodontist, such as Dr Shahrzad Rahbaran at Dental Perfection in Hampstead, North London.

Depending on each patient’s circumstances, however, healing time can be difficult to predict. In some cases, healing may not occur, in which case further steps may need to be taken to completely remove the infection.

If you have any root canal questions about recovery and healing times, speak to your Dental Perfection dentist at our North London practice in Hampstead.

How can I avoid further root canal treatment in the future?

Keeping your other teeth healthy and safe is the best way to avoid the need for further treatment. Brushing and flossing every day will keep your teeth decay-free, as will a healthy diet and avoiding sugary food and drink.

If you’re sporty, you should also consider investing in a custom-made mouth guard to protect your teeth from injury.

Make sure you also get regular professional tooth cleanings and exams at Dental Perfection’s North London practice in Hampstead. We will help ensure your teeth are healthy, and pick up on any potential issues early on.

Root canal FAQ – Are there alternatives to root canal treatment?

When the tooth’s pulp becomes infected, you have two choices. Since antibiotics do not work on this type of infection, you can either opt to have root canal treatment, or have the whole tooth removed. However, it is almost always best to try to save your teeth if you can.

Extraction may seem like the easier option, but root canal treatment is both routine and has a very high rate of success. It also means you will avoid the usual troubles that come with having a tooth extracted, such as teeth misaligning, difficulty eating, and loss of jawbone density and strength.

Root canal treatments can solve the problem and mean you get to keep your own teeth for many years to come.

Root canal FAQ – What is the cost?

For our up-to-date charges, please view our root canal treatment costson our fees page.

Root canal treatment consultation

To help you decide about going ahead with treatment you can find out more about the benefits of root canal treatment and we let you know of any potential risks of root canal treatment too.

If you’re ready to book your consultation, or have any other root canal questions, talk to our team today on 020 7431 2710 or pop in and see us at the Dental Perfection’s North London practice in Hampstead.

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