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If you need a trusted and expert dental hygienist in North London with an excellent oral hygiene reputation, our state-of-the-art Hampstead clinic can help.

Benefit from a highly skilled dental hygiene team that includes hygienist Frances Robinson who has extensive oral hygiene experience.

Frances is very attentive, gentle and thorough with her patients whom she always puts first.

Frances is registered as a hygienist at the General Dental Council (GDC No: 259549) and is a member of the British society of dental hygienists and therapists.

Our oral hygiene centre is focused on maintaining the health of your gums and teeth.

Our highly-skilled and experienced hygienists are all registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) and offer a fantastic range of hygiene services supported by patient education and product advice to help achieve this goal.

Our aim is prevention and protection through regular hygiene appointments supported by dental examinations.

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What does this mean? Direct access means you can now make an appointment with our dental hygienist without a dental examination first.

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Bad breath

It is estimated that a high percentage of people suffer from chronic bad breath. It is an embarrassing problem that can affect your job prospects and personal relationships.

What causes bad breath?

While bad breath originates in the mouth 80% of the time, at other times it is a symptom of underlying disease which needs the earliest possible treatment.

Persistent bad breath is usually caused by the smelly gases of the bacteria that coats your teeth and gums. Smoking ,garlic and onions can add to the problems.

Certain illnesses such as diabetes, liver or kidney problems, nasal or stomach conditions and "dry mouth" (xerostomia) that affects the flow of saliva can be the cause of bad breath.

Dental problems account for the majority of breath disorders. These can range from broken, leaking fillings or obvious infections to impacted teeth and calculus buildup that can harbor odor-causing bacteria.

Bits of food that get caught between the teeth and on the tongue will rot and cause an unpleasant smell.

Is gum disease a factor?

Periodontal, or gum disease, affects the gums and bone supporting your teeth. It is caused by sticky plaque and hard deposits of tartar. It happens when teeth and gums are not kept clean enough.

Without regular cleaning the gums will come away from the tooth creating pockets around the teeth where food and plaque can collect. Pockets are difficult to keep clean and gum disease will get worse if no treatment is not carried out.

The next stage of the disease will involve loosing the bone that supports the teeth and the teeth will become loose until they will have to be taken out. Severe gum disease can be an inherited factor or an indicator of problems with general health.

Scientists have discovered that periodontal disease is linked to coronary heart disease and stroke, especially for people who smoke or have high blood pressure.

What is the treatment for bad breath?

Once we have determined the degree and cause of the breath problem, the treatment can take many forms. If medical problems are found to be the underlying cause of bad breath, proper referral will be made.

Recommendations will be made by the dentist to correct and treat any dental disease that is directly related to the breath problem or gum disease.

Our hygienist will monitor and chart the condition of your gums before and after root planing and scaling.

She will instruct in the best way to brush your teeth and gums and will advise on best devices and products to use as an effective home care program to destruct the volatile sulfur gases.

In some patients with high decay rate our hygienist will perform a SALIVA TEST which acts as a screening aide for dental caries and can determine the presence of plaque retentive sites with high bacterial counts.

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