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Root Canal Treatment - Specialist Endodontist in London

If you're looking for expert root canal treatment from a highly experienced specialist endodontist near you in London, our state-of-the-art clinic can help.

Our specialist endodontist, Dr Shahrzad Rahbaran (GDC No. 68475), now has over 28 years extensive dentistry experience mainly focused on root canal treatments and has helped save teeth for hundreds of grateful patients from all parts of London.

Dr Rahbaran's endodontics background also includes lecturing in endodontics at the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute, publishing numerous articles in endodontic journals and giving presentations at international conferences.

North London’s top-rated qualified root canal specialist based in Hampstead

At Dental Perfection in Hampstead, North London, we are very proud to have our expert specialist endodontist, Dr Shahrzad Rahbaran.

Having graduated from the Royal London Dental Hospital in 1992, Dr Rahbaran completed many additional years of advanced dentistry training. After holding a number of hospital positions in restorative dentistry and obtaining her FDS from Royal College of Surgeons of England, she joined the Endodontic MSc program at the Eastman Dental Institute.

Gaining her distinction in the Endodontics MSc in 1999, she taught as a lecturer in endodontics at the Eastman Dental Institute for three years. She was then also awarded the membership in restorative dentistry (MRD RCS) from the Royal College of Surgeons of England and was granted entry into the Specialist List for Endodontics.

Providing a full range of endodontist treatments Dr Rahbaran has also published and co-authored articles in several endodontic journals and she is an executive committee board member of the prestigious Langham Endodontic Group.

What is root canal treatment and endodontics?

Endodontics is another word for root canal treatment. It’s a way of saving a tooth that has been damaged by decay, infection, or physical trauma.

It means an unhealthy or cracked tooth and its surrounding tissue can be restored to its usual health, healing the infection and relieving any pain. Without endodontics, the only other option would be to have the infected tooth removed.

Whilst many tooth replacements, such as our dental implants, are able to function just as effectively, you should always keep your original, natural teeth for as long as possible.

Carried out by a fully qualified endodontist at Dental Perfection at our Hampstead location, root canal treatment is the safe and economical way to preserve your teeth and make them healthy again.

Why go to an endodontist?

All endodontists are dentists, but did you know only 3% of all dentists are endodontists?

This highly specialised field of dentistry requires many additional years of training beyond dental school; leaving with an in depth understanding of the interior of the tooth.

Diagnosing many forms of tooth pain and performing root canal procedures, endodontic treatment can prevent a diseased tooth from needing to be removed. That’s why many endodontists are proud to be called the ‘specialists in saving teeth’.

Whilst all dentists receive some form of endodontic training, general dentists refer their patients to a highly specialised endodontist for root canal treatment. That’s because their additional years of advanced residency training make them the experts in diagnosing various types of tooth pain and in the diagnosis and management of different dental pulp diseases and disorders.

Saving your teeth

No matter what the cause of root canal infections or pulpal diseases, in the vast majority of cases, endodontic treatment can be used to save the tooth. Read more about other benefits of root canal treatment too.

As long as the root canals can be accessed by your endodontist, they can be properly cleaned out and sealed. If you have sufficient bone support for this kind of dental treatment, your professional endodontist will be able to treat and preserve your natural tooth.

Benefits in using an endodontist

Multiple studies have found that root canal treatments have much higher success rates when performed by a specialist endodontist. These highly skilled dentists undergo years of advanced training in order to master this technique-sensitive procedure.

Your endodontist will let you know if you are suitable for the procedure when you come in for your consultation at the state-of-the-art North London clinic in Hampstead.

Patients prefer to see a professional endodontist over a general dentist for their root canal treatment. That’s not just for their higher level of clinical skill and expertise, but also for all the many other benefits of seeking a specialist.

An endodontist is likely to have access to more advanced equipment than a general dentist and, as they only perform endodontic procedures, you’ll also benefit from shorter waiting times and need fewer appointments.

Some people choose to go to a specialist endodontist based on the type of tooth which needs operating on. Further studies found that whilst root canal treatment for incisors, canines and lower premolars were within general dentists’ capabilities, endodontic procedures on molars and upper premolars prove far more difficult and need special intervention.

Molar and upper premolar procedures have a lower success rate because of the complex root canal anatomy involved. Upper premolars can have up to two roots each; with one, two or more root canals running through each root.

Only a highly skilled and qualified endodontist will be able to understand the nature of your tooth and the necessary care to take to ensure your infection is cleared, and that your tooth is protected in future.

Root canal treatment consultation

To help you decide about going ahead with treatment you can find out more about the costs of root canal or read our frequently asked questions regarding root canal treatment.

We even let you know of any potential risks of root canal treatment too.

To book your root canal consultation with our specialist endodontist, Dr Shahrzad Rahbaran, please call us on 020 7431 2710 or come to Dental Perfection surgery in Hampstead, North London.

We have been working with clients from all over London and North London (including St Johns Wood, Belsize Park, Highgate, and Swiss Cottage) from our Hampstead clinic since 1979.

Our North London premises are less than a minute's walk away from Hampstead Underground Station.

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"Dear Dr. Sanei and Dr. Rahbaran - you are the best dentists in the world! You have converted me completely from hating going to see the dentist to looking forward to it!! That's just beyond magic. You have explained every single procedure during the surgery and treatment I felt so well looked after in your clinic.

Your skills and knowledge is fantastic. I cannot thank you both enough. I recommend you to every family member of mine and please keep on doing what you do - it is a truly life changing experience :)

I would also like to thank Debra and Stephanie and Lisa you ladies are so awesome and it's a pleasure to be your patient!! I cannot recommend this clinic enough!"
5 star Google review rating
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