Dental Sedation for Nervous Patients Specialist in London

Benefit from our highly skilled specialist North West London sedation dentists who are experts in helping nervous patients beat their dental fears.

We have a fantastically skilled specialist dental team who are hugely experienced in delivering the latest and safest sedation solutions for nervous patients. This team includes Consultant Oral Surgeon Mr. Anish Shah (GDC No: 76559), and Endodontist Dr. Shahrzad Rahbaran (GDC No: 68475).

Our highly experienced Hampstead dental team have helped transform the smile for hundreds of nervous patients from all parts of North, West and Central London.

For some people, the fear of dentistry is so great that it prevents them from attending the dentist for regular maintenance such as 6 monthly exams and hygiene visits. They will attend only when in pain, which in turn will reinforce their fear.

With the various solutions available to help nervous patients beat their dentistry fears, you don't need to be one of these people anymore.

Relaxation techniques

We are sympathetic to these feelings and can offer ways to overcome the fears with different techniques. Relaxation is a way in which we can teach our brain to be in control of the body not vice versa.

When we are faced with something we are afraid of, our bodies produce substances which raise our anxiety. Learning relaxation controls our bodies.

Sedation Dentistry in London

If you need safe and highy effective sedation dentistry in London from a well respected and highly experienced dentist, our state-of-the-art Hampstead clinic can help.

Intravenous sedation

Is administered by a qualified doctor, an anaesthetist, who will be present during the dental session. He will monitor the blood pressure, breathing level and pulse. It is a safe procedure that most patient like and the recovery time is short.

Choose our dental sedation and benefit from:

Our state-of-the-art dental sedation clinic in London

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the best dentist for nervous patients near me, Mr Anish Shah

Your specialist London sedation dentist

If you’re ready for expert dental sedation in London from a friendly and highly experienced dentist, our specialist oral surgeon, Anish Shah (GDC Specialist No: 76559), can help.

Mr Shah has over 20 years experience, is a renowned expert in his dental field and takes pride in being an extremely gentle yet highly effective surgeon.

5 star Google review for nervous patient

Nervous patient and dental sedation reviews via Google Business

"Dr Sanei and his team are wonderful; so professional and very welcoming. Going to the dentist has become a pleasant experience because of their expertise, great ability to put nervous patients at ease and brilliant treatments. I would highly recommend Dental Perfection."
5 star Google review rating
Nini Hadjipateras

"Real professionals. Fantastic service. Clear and 'understandable' consultation. I can only recommend this practice, especially to the nervous patients. Here they really know how to treat you."
5 star nervous patient in West London Google review rating
Shadi R

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