Dental Implants

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Types of dental implants in Hampstead, North London

Dental implants at Dental Perfection’s Hampstead clinic

If you’re living with a missing tooth, dental implants are the closest replacement you can get to your natural smile. Not only are the porcelain crowns designed to look just like your remaining set, but dental implants are made to fit in the mouth just like real teeth.

Inspired by nature, a substitute titanium root is placed into the jawbone to anchor your new tooth in the right place. That’s what gives dental implants the stability to be the most effective tooth replacement there is.

Whether it’s a single tooth implant, multiple teeth implants, to a complete set of full mouth implants you need, tooth implants are a long-lasting and hassle-free alternative to traditional dentures, crowns and bridges. And if you’re needing other orthodontic work, mini implants can effectively shorten your treatment time without putting undue stress on your other teeth.

When fitting your tooth implants, we place the small posts in close contact with the bone. Then, over the space of a few months, your bone will fuse with the dental implants on its own. This creates the extremely strong foundation needed for your new tooth implants that will allow them to function like real, natural teeth.

When you’re ready, we can attach your custom-made tooth replacement. Gone are the days of bright pink plastic dentures. Your bespoke new smile will be crafted out of porcelain with all signs of metal hidden away. The tooth replacements will be made to match the exact shape, size and colour of your original tooth.

By the end of your dental implant treatment, you’ll have your own complete, matching set of new and beautiful teeth that could last you a lifetime.

Finding your tooth replacement specialist in Hampstead, North London

Dental implants have enjoyed a success rate of around 99% over the past 50 years, higher than any other tooth replacement option. They’re one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in dentistry and, when performed by an extremely skilled professional, the results of tooth implants will be life-altering.

Our resident implantologist at Dental Perfection’s Hampstead clinic, Dr Mehran Sanei, has over 15 years of experience in this highly specialised field. He has been helping our patients live happier, healthier lives by placing and restoring their tooth replacements; allowing our clients to speak, eat and smile better every single day.

At Dental Perfection, we’ve been helping our patients in North London smile again since 1979. Our highly qualified and experienced dental team are committed to making sure you get only the very best treatment and results when you come to us for your tooth replacement.

If you’re considering tooth implants, we’d love to hear from you. At your dental implant consultation, we’ll discuss everything from your medical history right through to your lifestyle so we can figure out exactly which type of tooth replacement would best suit you.

Putting your mind at ease for your dental implant treatment

The most common thing our North London patients worry about when it comes to dental implant treatments is whether it’s going to hurt. But the vast majority of our tooth implant patients report feeling very little discomfort during the procedure, and say they were much more comfortable after the procedure than they had expected beforehand.

Anaesthesia and patient sedation will be used for your tooth implant procedure, so you won’t feel any pain at all. We use only the most trusted brands and materials for all of our tooth replacements at Dental Perfection in Hampstead. For our dental implants, we use:

  • Nobel Biocare Brånemark System Implants
  • Nobel Biocare Replace Implants
  • Biomet Implant Innovation 3i

Our specialist dental team place your tooth implants as gently as possible, really taking care of the various surrounding tissues so that you enjoy the shortest recovery time possible for your tooth replacement treatment.

Types of dental implants and tooth replacement options

Depending on what our patients need, we can perform a variety of tooth replacements and implant supported treatments here at Dental Perfection’s Hampstead clinic.

Those having teeth extracted could walk away with their tooth implants the same day. We can also fit single tooth implants or multiple teeth implants depending on how many gaps you may have, as well as either full mouth implant retained dentures or implant supported bridgework for those without any teeth at all. Our mini implants also work alongside other orthodontic procedures to reduce treatment times.

The range of tooth implants we offer:

Same-day tooth implants after an extraction

If you’re having a tooth out, it’s possible we may be able to place your dental implants straight away. Before any kind of tooth replacement treatment with us at Dental Perfection in North London, you’ll be given a clinical assessment by our dental team.

During this appointment, we’ll want to find out your medical history, ask general lifestyle questions and take various x-rays of your teeth and jaw bones. This is a very important process, particularly with dental implant procedures, because it gives us a better idea of how well tooth replacement treatment might work for you.

Using these tests and x-rays, our patient-focused team will check that you have the gum support and bone density needed to make an immediately-loaded dental implant possible. Because our tooth implants use your jawbone for stability, it’s vital they’re strong enough before we fit the pegs.

In some cases, your gums and jaw may need some time to recover after an extraction as having a tooth removed can reduce bone density. This is more likely with multiple teeth implants than single tooth implants, but your dentist will check this at your consultation. If it’s safe to go ahead, we can fit your tooth replacement implant in the same appointment as your extraction.

We’ll also give you a temporary acrylic crown there and then, so you won’t have to go a single day with a gap in your smile. Once your dental implant is integrated, after only a few months, we can replace it with your custom-made, natural-looking implant supported porcelain crown.

How do immediate implants work?

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Immediate Implants

Single tooth implant-supported crowns

When only one tooth is missing, it is relatively easy for our expert team to place your artificial root into the gap. We use a titanium, screw-like fitting that works in your gums the exact same way as your natural teeth do.

Your adult teeth have deep roots stretching down to your jawbone. That’s what prevents them from falling out easily like the milk teeth you had as a child. Our top-of-the-range single tooth implants do the same thing. The screw reaches down to your bone and then, after three to six months, the two begin to fuse. Once they have, and the tooth implant is fully joined to the bone, it uses that stability to hold your artificial replacement tooth in place.

The best thing about the single tooth implant supported crowns is that the effects are immediate. Once your new tooth is fitted onto the implant, you will be able to speak and eat normally. Your replacement tooth will look, feel and function just like a real tooth straight away.

We also design the tooth implant’s crown to match the original tooth perfectly in shape, size and colour. Most times, we can also texture it to be the same as your remaining teeth in addition. So not only will your gap be filled, but no-one will be able to tell that you’ve had work done at all.

View examples of our before & after dental implant photos for a single missing tooth.

How do single tooth dental implants work?

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Single Tooth Dental Implants

Multiple teeth implant supported bridges

Although tooth implants have been around since the 1950s, bridges are often used to fill a gap of more than one tooth. But, just because something is common does not mean it is necessarily the best option.

Traditional dental bridges require the neighbouring teeth to be filed down into a different, completely unnatural shape. This is so that the row of artificial teeth can be slotted on top like a jigsaw piece. In this method, multiple healthy teeth are essentially destroyed and covered with false crowns just to bridge the gap in the middle.

Not only does this cause a great deal of damage to those teeth, the bridge also relies heavily on the filed teeth for stability. Putting them under further, constant strain can also risk the teeth becoming loose themselves.

Multiple teeth implant supported bridges, however, are held in place by titanium posts reaching down to the jaw bone. Multiple teeth implants are placed strategically then your multi tooth replacement bridge is strongly affixed onto them. This way, the bridge gets the support it needs to stay in place without causing any further damage.

Multiple teeth implants also mean you can bite and chew comfortably without straining the neighbouring teeth excessively. This helps your overall dental health and means that your replacement teeth are stronger, more durable, and able to last much longer.

View an example with our before & after dental implant photos for a multiple missing teeth.

How do multiple tooth implant-supported bridges work?

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Multiple tooth Implant

Implant retained overdenture

Whether it’s just one or two teeth you have missing or it’s the full set, you could greatly benefit from trying an implant retained overdenture as opposed to a traditional denture.

If you currently wear a partial denture to fill a gap in your teeth, you may have noticed that over time they can gradually become less and less stable. That’s because, as with a bridge, partial dentures rely on neighbouring teeth to carry the weight of the replacement teeth. This can cause a great strain on your gums and, especially if they are already weak, it can result in further tooth loss. If the teeth holding it in place were to fall out, so would your denture.

Being implant supported, overdentures are clipped onto small titanium anchors in your mouth instead of your teeth. Placed in the jaw, there is no chance of your dental implants slipping or falling out; making your partial denture secure for years to come.

Many of our patients with complete dentures complain about the bulkiness of them as they cover the entirety of the gums, often causing gagging reflexes whilst wearing them. Full implant retained dentures only cover a small area of the front palette, so are much more lightweight, and can still be easily removed.

View an example with our before and after dental implant photos for implant retained dentures.

How do bar retained overdentures work?

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How do ball-retained overdentures work?

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Ball-retained Overdentures

Mini implants to help orthodontic tooth movement

As the name suggests, mini implants are a smaller, shorter and narrower version of our usual root implants. We use these to aid in tooth movement for other orthodontic treatments.

The temporary dental implants are placed in strategic locations across the jawbone to create an extremely stable base. Then, we can attach orthodontic braces or brackets to the mini implants, which will work as anchorage for the movement of your teeth.

For example, if we fit a brace to realign your teeth, the brace relies on your other surrounding teeth to support the force of movement. In some cases, those teeth may be unable to bear the weight or would cause the wrong teeth to move.

That is when we would use temporary mini implants to work as the anchor instead. Because they rest in your jaw bone, the tooth implants can’t slip or move out of place and they are able to support the forces of your brace easily. The mini implants can then be attached to certain areas of the brace to support the desired movements.

Once the movement is complete, your dentist can remove the dental implants quickly and easily, usually without the need for anaesthesia. Then the area where the mini implants were will heal on its own.

View an example with our before and after dental implant photos for mini implant treatment.

How do mini implants work?

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Mini Implants

Full mouth implant supported bridge work

This is the most extensive tooth replacement treatment we have to offer. If your top, bottom or both rows of teeth have been lost, you may be under the impression that dentures are the only option you have.

Full mouth implant supported bridge work is a breakthrough treatment which gives you the option of replacing all of your teeth with a realistic-looking, fully-functioning alternative.

Gone are the days of bright pink acrylic and flimsy plastic. You can waive goodbye to the glass of denture cleaner on the bedside table too. This tooth replacement treatment involves professionally-crafted porcelain fixed to metal for real longevity and functionality.

Similar to our implant retained overdenture, full mouth implant supported bridge work can replace a whole set of teeth but, in this case, they’re not removable. That makes dental implants perfect for patients looking for a fixed tooth replacement solution.

They’re also a lot more streamlined, making them feel much more natural in your mouth than a normal denture. Full mouth implant supported bridge work is the closest thing you can get to having your real teeth back.

Full mouth implants options

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Full Month Implants

Dental implants in Hampstead

At Dental Perfection, we’re passionate about giving our North London customers the confidence to smile again. Our team are highly experienced in successfully placing and maintaining all single tooth implants, multiple teeth implants, mini implants, full mouth implants, and full mouth implant supported bridgework. To help you decide if they are for you, you can further read our dental implant questions and all about the benefits and risks of dental implants.

Call us on 020 7431 2710 to book your dental implant consultation with our skilled and qualified dental team here at our Hampstead practice to find out how we can help you.

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