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Tooth replacement options in Hampstead, North London

Patients in Hampstead from across North London come to us all the time wanting to replace teeth that have been lost or removed due to a variety of reasons. Whether it’s decay, disease or damage that has lead you to lose your natural teeth, you don’t have to settle for a life without your full smile.

It also doesn’t matter how many teeth you may have lost; we can replace one, two or 28 teeth depending on what you need. The Dental Perfection team here in Hampstead are extremely skilled and experienced in fitting single tooth implants, multiple teeth implants, and full mouth implants.

Here are some of the main reasons our North London patients choose to have dental implants at Dental Perfection in Hampstead over any other tooth replacement option.

Single tooth implants

A single missing tooth may not seem like much of a problem. Because the gap is small, you may think it won’t do much harm, that there’s no need for single tooth implants, and choose to just forget about it and go about your life.

As dental professionals and people who are passionate about oral health, we can tell you that even just one missing tooth should not be overlooked.

Single tooth implants stop other teeth from misaligning

If all your remaining teeth still look good, you may believe you do not need single tooth implants. But when you have a gap, the teeth either side will start to lean into it over time.

Patients who may have had braces in their youth may find this particularly distressing however wonky teeth can become a serious problem for anyone. When your teeth are misaligned, it makes them more difficult to clean and can impact on your speech, chewing ability, and even cause severe headaches and neck pain.

Single tooth implants fill the gap and keep all of your teeth where they are supposed to be.

Single tooth implants don’t cause damage to your remaining teeth

Even if you choose not to ignore a missing tooth, other replacement options out there can have negative effects on your oral health. For example, a popular option with many dentists is traditional bridges.

These, however, are held in place by the teeth either side of the gap. This requires them to be filed down into unnatural shapes in order to hold the bridge, and also puts a great deal of pressure on them to carry the weight of the fake teeth.

Single tooth implants are held in place by your jaw bone, so they leave your other teeth completely untouched whilst filling the gap.

Single tooth implants complete your smile

If you just have one missing tooth, single tooth implants can effectively fill the empty space. Even a small gap can have a huge impact on all of your remaining teeth, and many of our patients simply do not want to risk losing their other teeth by using a bridge.

Looking and behaving like real teeth, your single tooth implants will complete your smile and feel natural too.

Multiple teeth implants

Having more than one missing tooth can pose even more problems and the solution may not be as simple as just filling the gaps. We can use multiple teeth implants to solve a variety of our patients’ problems.

Multiple teeth implants preserve your features

Multiple missing teeth create a void in your jawbone where your roots used to be. Without anything to support, your body starts sending the necessary calcium to other areas of your body where it thinks it’s better needed, meaning the jawbone begins to deteriorate.

When this happens, it can make your face start to look sunken in, which can make you look much older than you really are. A partial denture or a bridge may fill the gap in your teeth, but they don’t fill the gap in your root cavity.

Multiple teeth implants do. The titanium posts also provide your jaw with all the stimulation it needs for your body to send the vital minerals it needs to produce dense, healthy bone to keep your face looking full and youthful.

Acting like natural tooth roots, multiple teeth implants fuse to the bone. This creates an extremely strong bond which means all of your multiple teeth implants are stable and secure, and also makes your jawbone healthier.

Multiple teeth implants restore your tooth function

You may have already adapted to living without some of your teeth, but that doesn’t mean you are living your life to the fullest. By now, you may already be turning down steak without thinking, naturally chewing on only one side of your mouth, or repeating yourself when you talk because people don’t understand what you’re saying.

Your multiple teeth implants function just like real teeth. Because the posts work just like a real tooth root by reaching down to your jawbone for stability, you won’t have to make any undesirable changes to your lifestyle. With multiple teeth implants, you’ll be able to speak and eat how you like without worrying.

Multiple teeth implants effectively help restore your mouth and life to how they were before you lost any teeth.

Full mouth dental implants

When all of the teeth are missing from your top, bottom or both jaws, it is impossible to ignore. Even today, too many people don’t realise that dentures are not their only choice. Full mouth dental implants at Dental Perfection’s Hampstead clinic could be your ideal tooth replacement option.

Full mouth dental implants are a practical alternative to traditional dentures

Due to the stigma that they are only for older people, many younger patients needing all of their teeth extracted get extremely anxious and embarrassed about having to wear dentures.

Those who have lived with dentures for some time may know the inconvenience and discomfort so many associate with them. Slipping out of place, restricting their diet, the bulkiness and brashness of the bright pink plastic.

With full mouth dental implants, there is no need for a large plastic palette covering your gums, which many denture wearers find unbearable. Clipping onto titanium posts makes your implant retained denture more comfortable and fit much more naturally in your mouth.

Another bonus is their appearance – professionally-crafted porcelain crowns and realistic painted gums on your full mouth dental implants means no one will be able to tell they aren’t the real thing.

No need to sacrifice your favourite food with full mouth dental implants

A major reason so many patients opt for full mouth implant retained dentures is that they are securely held in place and function just like real teeth, so you don’t have to make any changes to your usual life.

The titanium posts of your full mouth dental implants are placed strategically across your jawbone, giving your implant retained denture optimum support and total stability. The porcelain crowns mean you can bite and chew with your full mouth dental implants as effectively as if they were your real teeth.

Full mouth dental implants restore your smile without the hassle

Some patients we meet feel physically unable to wear a denture. The bulky plastic can be uncomfortable or even painful, and can quite literally leave a bad taste in their mouths. For those who choose not to wear a traditional denture, full mouth dental implants offer the chance to restore your smile without the hassle.

Once the procedure is done, your full mouth dental implants will fit perfectly in your mouth and last as long as you care for them, meaning you’ll never have to worry about dentures again.

Dental implants at Dental Perfection, Hampstead

You can read more about the benefits of dental implants as well as the risks and how we minimise these. You can read about the procedure in more detail, find out about our standard dental implant costs and view some before & after photos of implants we have placed.

If you are considering single tooth implants, multiple teeth implants, or full mouth dental implants as an alternative to dentures, book your consultation with us at Dental Perfection in Hampstead today. Please call us on 020 7431 2710.

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