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Dental Implants

If you have a missing or damaged tooth and would like more information about dental implants please fill out our enquiry form.

Dental implant before & after photos in Hampstead, North London

Rebuild your smile with dental implants at Dental Perfection, Hampstead

You never really know the transformative effects of dental implants until you see your before and after pictures. As with all of our dental implant patients here in North London, we’ll take photographs of your teeth and smile at your initial consultation.

At the end of your treatment we’ll take a new set of photographs, so you’ll be able to compare your own before and after dental implant pictures and see the incredible difference your dental implants have made to your smile.

Before your tooth replacement

For many of our patients, having a missing tooth for any amount of time can be a distressing experience. Not only can gaps ruin an otherwise perfect smile, they can also make everyday things like eating and speaking a challenge, and they can seriously affect your confidence.

And when your natural tooth roots are no longer there, your jaw can begin to deteriorate, and surrounding teeth start leaning into the gaps and become wonky. Food can easily become stuck in the gaps, and teeth can become more difficult to clean and care for, which can have a massive knock on effect on your overall health.

Replacing a missing tooth is about so much more than just appearances. If you’re living with a gap in your teeth, dental implants could be the life-changing solution you’ve been seeking. You can read more about the benefits of dental implants.

Before and after dental implants photos

If you’re still unsure about the kind of tooth replacement option that would be best for you, just look at some of our patients’ fantastic before and after dental implant photos gallery.

Choosing to have more comfortable, natural-looking and permanent smiles, here are just a few of the superb results our patients have achieved through dental implant treatments at Dental Perfection in Hampstead. Click on the links below to take you to the relevant photos.

From these pictures, you can see the incredible journey our patients have gone through with their dental implant treatments. Seeing the change in our patients’ smiles before and after dental implants is why we do what we do. We’re proud of the impact this treatment has on our patients’ lives and, if you’re considering dental implants, we’d love to talk to you.

Before and after dental implant photos for a single missing tooth

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Before and after dental implant photos for a multiple missing teeth

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Before and after dental implant photos for mini implant treatment

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Before and after dental implant photos for implant retained dentures

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After your dental implant treatment

Your tooth replacements don’t just fill the gaps - they rebuild your entire smile. They function just like real teeth meaning you can go back to living your life to the full.

The difference you’ll feel before and after your dental implants will be life-altering. No more sticking to only soft foods, eating on one side of your mouth or whistling when you speak. Not only do the crowns look incredibly realistic, they also fit so comfortably in your mouth that even you will forget they aren’t real.

Dental implants have titanium posts that work just like a real tooth root. They reach down and fuse with your jaw, making your bones stronger again. The realistic porcelain crowns fill your gaps perfectly, matching your natural teeth in shape, size and colour to complete your smile and keep your teeth perfectly spaced. So, you won’t need any further orthodontic work to straighten them out again.

Want to see the difference tooth implants could make to your smile?

If you’re missing a tooth and want to make your smile complete again, talk to one of our expert team at Dental Perfection in Hampstead on 020 7431 2710.

Did you know tooth replacements can help improve so much more than just appearances? What these before and after dental implant pictures can’t show you is the profound impact dental implants have on our patients’ lives, confidence, speech, eating ability, bones, and both their oral and overall health.

Dental implants in Hampstead

At Dental Perfection North London, we’re committed to helping you smile confidently again. If you’d like to see your own tooth replacement journey on our Before and After Dental Implants page, book your dental implant consultation with our highly qualified specialist team in North London by calling 020 7431 2710 today.

We have been working with clients from all over North London (including St Johns Wood, Belsize Park, Highgate, and Swiss Cottage) from our Hampstead clinic since 1979.

Our North London premises are less than a minute's walk away from Hampstead Underground Station.

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