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Polarnight Teeth Whitening Kit in London,UK

Get a brighter smile from home with our professional polarnight teeth whitening kit

Home teeth whitening is a safe and easy way to improve the appearance of your teeth. Our teeth whitening kits give you the results of professional teeth whitening from the comfort of your own home.

With application times ranging from just 3hrs to overnight, teeth whitening kits can be used at a time that suits you. There is no need for scheduling dental appointments around your other responsibilities. Teeth whitening at home fits around your lifestyle and the demands on your time.

At Dental Perfection in Hampstead, North London, we offer a popular, tried and trusted and we consider the best teeth whitening solution: Polanight.

Unlike many similar in-surgery treatments, this home teeth whitening gel is ideal for patients with sensitive teeth.

We’re extremely excited to offer Polanight at Dental Perfection here in North London. We know that you will be genuinely amazed with your results. To pick up your Polanight teeth whitening kit, book your consultation today on 020 7431 2710 , or come in and make an appointment with the Dental Perfection team in Hampstead.

What will my home teeth whitening kit include?

In your Polanight teeth whitening kit from Dental Perfection North London, you receive:

  • A custom-made mouth tray designed to fit perfectly around your teeth
  • 10 syringes of Polanight teeth whitening gel in your chosen strength of carbamide peroxide

What strength teeth whitening kit should I get?

Polanight whitening gel is made from carbamide peroxide. It’s the carbamide peroxide which gently bleaches your teeth to lighten the colour.

Most teeth whitening solutions are made with hydrogen peroxide. Polanight is especially designed to be kind to your teeth and gums while effectively whitening your teeth to the optimum levels. In terms of strength, 3% of carbamide peroxide is equal to 1% of hydrogen peroxide.

Your home teeth whitening kit from Dental Perfection will come in one of two available strengths of carbamide peroxide; either 10% or 16%.

The Polanight 10% teeth whitening kit is ideal for those who have a little more time to spare to whiten their teeth. With visible results after just fifteen minutes, we recommend to most of our patients that they use Polanight 10% for two hours a day.

Polanight 10% can also be applied before sleep for around seven and a half hours through the night. Then, just clean your teeth and mouth tray in the morning.

The 16% formula is slightly faster acting than the weaker gel. It’s perfect for patients who only have an hour or so to whiten their teeth throughout the day or for patients who want to achieve a brighter shade of white by applying it overnight.

Both gels should only be used a maximum of once per day. Speak to your teeth whitening dentist about the strength of your teeth whitening kit at your consultation at our Hampstead practice.

How does Polanight help with sensitivity?

Many other teeth whitening kits cause severe sensitivity in patients’ teeth which some can find unbearable. Polanight is different.

Containing an extremely effective desensitising agent which acts on nerve endings within the tooth, Polanight gel cuts off pain sensors at the pulp-dentin border. This desensitising technology protects the nerves and nerve endings in your gums.

That means sensitivity is minimised and you can whiten your teeth in comfort.

Added natural soothers, flouride and conditioners help to enhance remineralisation in your teeth and also minimise plaque formation. This reduces sensitivity and actually helps to keep your teeth clean and strong.

With a uniquely high water content formula, Polanight has a neutral pH to protect your gums. It also means the gel is able to release its full whitening capabilities without causing any damage to your teeth.

How do I use the Polanight teeth whitening kit?

  1. When you come to your teeth whitening consultation at our practice in Hampstead, your dentist will create a mould of your teeth. We will then use this to make a custom lightweight plastic tray that fits comfortably around your teeth.
  2. Unlike a plastic retainer, these specialised trays allow for a slight gap or reservoir between the plastic and your teeth for the gel to sit in. You then collect your bespoke mouth tray and Polanight syringes from the Dental Perfection surgery in North London.
  3. Following your appointment at our Hampstead practice, after brushing and flossing your teeth, place a small drop of the gel into each tooth compartment of your mouth tray. Then, place the tray around your teeth and wipe away any excess gel from the inside of your mouth with a tissue or soft dry brush.
  4. After your chosen amount of time – which could be from 3hrs to the whole night – simply remove the tray. All you need to do then is rinse both the tray and your mouth with warm water and brush your teeth again.
  5. You repeat this every day until you reach your desired tooth shade.

Teeth whitening consultation

If you have any teeth whitening questions, want to know the costs of teeth whitening or want to try the Polanight teeth whitening kit, speak to our team today on 020 7431 2710 or come in and see us at the Dental Perfection practice in North London to book your consultation.

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