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Qualified professional teeth whitening dentists in Hampstead

If you’re planning on any kind of cosmetic dental work, you want to make sure the people performing it know what they’re doing. Even if you know you want to whiten your teeth at home, there are still a number of important factors you’ll need to consider.

Who can perform or prescribe professional teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a form of cosmetic dentistry so it should only ever be carried out by a qualified, professional teeth whitening dentist.

Whilst some may consider it a kind of beauty treatment, it uses a range of chemicals that should only be handled or prescribed by a qualified dentist. Although some still do, it is illegal for beauty salons to offer teeth whitening treatments if there is no regulated dental professional present.

At Dental Perfection in Hampstead, we provide specialist home teeth whitening kits. However, our North London patients are always shown how to correctly and safely carry out their whitening themselves by our teeth whitening dentists.

Unlike many online and unregulated providers, we can also promise our patients undergoing treatment at our Hampstead practice that the whitening gel we provide will always be:

  • One of the top brands in the world
  • In date and of the highest quality
  • ADA (American Dental Associuation) and BDA (British Dental Association) approved.

We can also ensure that we will only ever give you Polanight if it is safe for you to use it and that it will definitely bring you closer to achieving the results you’re looking for.

Could I not use an over the counter home teeth whitening product?

As you may already know, there are a few different teeth whitening products sold in chemists and online stores across the country. Whilst these often wave low price tags to lure in inexperienced customers, they are also manufactured to a much lower quality and rarely follow industry guidelines.

As regulated dental practitioners, we hold ourselves both to the highest professional standards and to an ethical philosophy. That’s why your Dental Perfection teeth whitening dentist will never offer you an unsafe or unsuitable treatment or product. Unfortunately, many online retailers do not take the same approach to sale of their teeth whitening products.

These cheap and poorly manufactured products put your oral and overall health at risk of long-term damage. When they exceed safe levels of bleaching agents, these ‘fast-acting’ home whitening products have even been known to cause third degree burns.

Aside from the dangerous formulas, even the mouth trays of over-the-counter home whitening kits can cause problems.

At Dental Perfection in North London, your teeth whitening dentist makes a mould of your teeth to create a custom tray that fits perfectly in your mouth. This means, when you come to wear it, the teeth whitening gel fits snugly between your teeth and the plastic.

In over-the-counter kits, the mouth trays only come in ‘one-size-fits-all’. This, as you know, will not properly fit around users’ teeth. This usually means the tray sits poorly in the mouth and feels uncomfortable. In addition, some of the bleaching gel is able to leak out onto your gums and into your mouth – causing blistering, burns and even more sensitivity.

As well as all of these potential health hazards, over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions are also well known for producing very unreliable results.

Polanight is approved by teeth whitening dentists across the country. With a neutral pH formula, and various other conditioning additives, Polanight is one of the safest and easiest to use and we consider, the best teeth whitening product on the market.

You should always speak to your Dental Perfection dentist at our Hampstead practice before whitening your teeth and you can also read our teeth whitening frequently asked questions.

Don’t fall for DIY dentistry ‘hacks’

Looking around on the internet, you may find various whitening ‘hacks’ as a free alternative to professional teeth whitening. But, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

In the past, lemon juice was praised as the cheap and effective tooth whitening solution. But it didn’t take long for researchers to discover the damage the high concentration of citric acid was doing to patients’ teeth.

Studies also found that the popular strawberry/baking soda mix could actually reduce tooth surface hardness by up to 10%.

In fact, many of these ‘home recipes’ for teeth whitening are much more likely to wear down enamel and erode your teeth than do any kind of bleaching.

And, since there is just a thin layer of enamel covering the yellow dentin below, using these cheat methods repeatedly will also result in your teeth becoming darker over time.

Professional teeth whitening products, such as the Polanight gel used by Dental Perfection in North London, are especially designed to combat tooth erosion. Carefully selected additives are able to minimise plaque formation whilst remineralising the tooth’s surface.

The high-water content within the formula also prevents dehydration of enamel and a neutral pH means the peroxide can work to it’s fullest whilst not damaging the patient’s tooth.

Why go to a professional teeth whitening dentist?

Before you seek any kind of whitening treatment, make sure you visit your professional teeth whitening dentist. It’s possible all you need is a deep clean to make your smile sparkle again. But, if you decide on professional teeth whitening, your dentist will provide so much more than just the gel.

A significant danger of using over-the-counter products is that your teeth may need some work before whitening can be safely carried out.

At your consultation, your Dental Perfection dentist here in Hampstead will check the health of your gums and look for any cavities in your teeth. If there are any underlying problems, and they are not treated first, whitening could potentially cause more damage.

Your professional teeth whitening dentist in North London will make sure all necessary work is carried out beforehand, so you’ll end your treatment with teeth that both look great and feel healthy.

To book your professional teeth whitening consultation, please call us today on 020 7431 2710, or come to Dental Perfection in Hampstead to speak to a friendly and professional teeth whitening dentist today. You can also view our teeth whitening costs.

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