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Did you know teeth whitening can be dated back to as far as the ancient Egyptians? Back then, the dentists of the day would create whitening pastes by mixing ground pumice stone with wine vinegar. Sparkling white teeth were a sign of beauty and wealth.

Whilst methods have changed quite a bit since then, the reasons why people want teeth whitening have remained the same.

From pharaohs to movie stars, famous idols have always paved the way for fashion trends; inspiring people to get their look. And teeth whitening is definitely a trend that is here to stay.

At Dental Perfection in NW3, we offer what we as dental professionals believe to be the best teeth whitening system on the market today – Polanight.

Only the best teeth whitening products at Dental Perfection in Hampstead NW3

Not only does Polanight gel achieve amazing results, it is the best teeth whitening system for patients with sensitive teeth.

Various ingredients work together to decrease sensitivity in the teeth when using Polanight. Various soothers and conditioners in the formula help protect the nerves in each tooth. So, unlike many other tooth whitening options, you should be much more comfortable throughout the course of treatment.

Polanight is also lauded by patients across the world for providing fantastic results in such a short space of time – with most noticing the change in just a few days of using it.

As long as you stay away from the usual staining culprits, such as coffee and red wine, and maintain high levels of oral hygiene, your teeth could stay sparkling white for years to come. Polanight only requires top ups every few months but is very patient dependant.

If you need more of the best teeth whitening gel, you can get these from the Dental Perfection surgery in North London. You can view our teeth whitening costs to see the initial prices and for further top-up gel syringes.

Benefits of the best teeth whitening kit, Polanight

Safety and convenience. These are the two main reasons why our dental experts consider Polanight to be the best teeth whitening kit on the market.

Designed to be gentle on your teeth and gums, Polanight’s formula contains key ingredients to make sure you feel no pain or sensitivity through your treatment.

With the option of whitening your teeth in your sleep, Polanight is also exceptionally easy to use and to make a part of your daily routine. You won’t need to rush to any dental appointments and, if you’re particularly busy, you won’t even need to set aside any time to whiten at home. Just pop in your mouth tray and let Polanight do its job overnight.

Polanight will brighten your teeth to up to eight shades whiter; eliminating stubborn stains caused by certain foods, wine, coffee and cigarettes.

The active ingredient in Polanight is carbamide peroxide which is just one third of the strength of hydrogen peroxide. This is what makes Polanight is much safer than many other teeth whitening products. But, the carbamide peroxide formula is still able to achieve even more impressive results than its competitors; releasing its full whitening powers over two to six hours.

The best teeth whitening specialists in Hampstead

Polanight is the system we recommend if you want whiter teeth but don’t want your teeth to look artificially white. At Dental Perfection in North London, we use a combination of the best strength gel for you and personalised application scheduling to help you get the exact look you want to achieve.

Everybody’s teeth are unique. Whilst some may be able to achieve those Hollywood pearly whites, it may not be biologically possible for others. We can’t dye your teeth a new colour but, at Dental Perfection in Hampstead, we can work with you on a one to one basis to help you to achieve your whitest natural look possible.

Another concern we hear frequently is that, when a patient’s teeth are all different colours, they believe whitening won’t work properly for them. But, whitening doesn’t just bring your teeth a few shades lighter individually.

The chemicals in the gel remove all staining and discolouration on external tooth enamel whilst lightening the yellow or dark hue of the internal dentine. This brings your teeth to their lightest natural shade, regardless of how they looked at the start of treatment.

That means you will have a much greater uniform colour in your smile after your teeth whitening treatment is complete.

First-class patient care and the best teeth whitening service with Dental Perfection in North London

Our dental team at our Hampstead practice will always provide you with the best teeth whitening patient care possible. You’ll be supported from your initial query and consultation, right through to your post-treatment check-ups.

Before your teeth whitening treatment starts, you’ll also need to come in for a hygiene appointment to ensure all superficial dietary stains are removed. This makes sure the enamel is bare, natural and clean, so the whitening gel can be the most effective.

At your consultation, your teeth whitening dentist at our North London practice will ask you a variety of health and lifestyle questions to help you decide if teeth whitening at home is the right treatment to suit your needs. They will examine your teeth during your consultation as well, so they are able to offer the best advice and recommendations for you.

If you decide to go ahead, our qualified dental professionals will walk you through every stage of home teeth whitening. They can also give a demonstration and they can help you to prepare your mouth trays and gel for the first time.

You’ll also be able to come into the surgery in Hampstead, if you have any concerns or questions throughout the course of your teeth whitening treatment.

To try one of the best teeth whitening treatments on the market today, book your consultation on 020 7431 2710 or pop in and see us at the Dental Perfection surgery in North London.

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