Teeth Whitening Costs

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Teeth whitening prices in London

Teeth whitening prices in London vary enormously depending on the clinic location, dentists experience and the type of treatment (in chair or at home kits). Expect to pay at least £550 for expert professional teeth whitening.

At Dental Perfection in Hampstead, you'll benefit from over 30 years extensive cosmetic dentistry experience from our owner and principal dentist, Dr Mehran Sanei (GDC No:  67683). Dr Sanei has given numerous national and international lectures on the topics of Cosmetics and Implantology and has been an active member of the American Dental Society of London since 1999.

What does our teeth whitening cost?

The total cost of your Polanight teeth whitening treatment with Dental Perfection in North London includes everything - the entire process from start to finish.

First of all there is the cost of your consultation with your dentist here at our Hampstead location. Here, they will ask you a range of health and lifestyle questions to determine if home whitening it right for you.

Your teeth whitening dentist based at our North London practice will then give you a physical examination in order to highlight any cavities or issues with your gums. If they pick up on any problems, they may need to be resolved before you’re able to continue with your teeth whitening treatment.

They will also take an impression of your teeth during your appointment. Possibly the most important part of your teeth whitening cost will be your custom-made mouth tray. Designed specifically for you, the tray will fit snugly around your teeth.

This is where the teeth whitening gel will sit, so a perfect fit is absolutely critical. If not, chemicals could escape and potentially harm your gums. That’s why the bespoke mouth guards that form a major part of the Polanight treatment add real value to the course you undergo – no escape of chemicals which will actually set back the whitening process.

During this consultation, your dental practitioner will show you each constituent part of the course, explain what they do, and demonstrate how easy it is to fit Polanight into your daily routine.

After that, over the course of the following weeks, you’ll apply the whitening gel to your custom-made mouth tray. It’s easy to apply the gel – you use a syringe. As an average, 10 syringes should be adequate for 10 bleaching sessions if the gel is used sparingly.

After 3 weeks, your teeth will appear both whiter and brighter. You will notice a difference and so will your friends, family, colleagues, and your dental technician here at our North London practice.

We’re here at all times to provide monitoring and check-up as you undergo the Polanight treatment.

At any time, you can purchase follow-on syringes from our Hampstead dental experts.

Teeth whitening cost – our package

Your teeth whitening course from our Hampstead practice contains all of the following:

All this from £550.

A consultation will also be required which is £190.

Teeth whitening cost – personalised treatments

Your teeth whitening cost in both time and money is greatly reduced by using the Polanight system at home in conjunction with our North London-based dentists.

Polanight in our opinion, is the best teeth whitening product currently, which means less time at a dental practice and more time to do what you want to do making it particularly suitable for those of you with a busy lifestyle.

Teeth whitening costs are fixed so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying, but if you have any other teeth whitening questions, or want to make an appointment, call our team on 020 7431 2710.

We have been working with clients from all over North London (including St Johns Wood, Belsize Park, Highgate, and Swiss Cottage) from our Hampstead clinic since 1979.

Our teeth whitening clinic is less than a minute's walk away from Hampstead Underground Station.

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