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Teeth Whitening in Hampstead, London

Power whitening is a safe, non-invasive and pain-free tooth whitening procedure, which is performed at our Hampstead practice in just over an hour.

This modern cosmetic teeth whitening dental treatment is an in-office system, which means that your teeth are whitened while you relax in the dental chair, watching a movie using our DVD glasses or even whilst taking a nap. In just over an hour you will leave our Hampstead based dental practice with a whiter, brighter smile. Book in for your free consultation today!

Power teeth whitening is ideal for patients that have tea, coffee, red wine or smoking stains on their teeth or for those who simply want to lighten their teeth and be confident to smile! Many people undergo power tooth whitening before big occasions (like their wedding day!) when they want to look their best!

Kind words from our patients

"As a male, I never focused on aesthetics. It wasn't until the treatment was completed, and people commented on my appearance, that I realised what a difference a clean smile can make."
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